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Date published • 11th October 2018

On Thursday 13th September, Sapient i7 and Salesforce welcomed a fantastic group of delegates to the Salesforce Tower to hear from our Recruitment Practice Lead, Alex Gerritsen.  

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Alex discussed how Sapient i7 are harnessing the power of the Salesforce platform to re-think the recruitment process from the candidate’s perspective, as well as a presentation from Holly Gordon of SThree, who shared her insights into SThree’s Marketing journey with Salesforce.

After an introduction from our Sales Director, Chris Taylor, Alex highlighted five key challenges (or opportunities!) that are facing the recruitment industry right now: developing a relevant and engaging recruitment brand, the impact of AI and technology, the use of data to measure and improve productivity, the challenges of finding “hidden” candidates, and the wider candidate experience. The key message around the candidate experience was that while most firms think of the candidate experience as a single end-to-end chain of events relating to a specific hiring process, the recruitment experience from a candidate’s perspective is actually a product of every interaction a candidate has with your company – throughout their career. What’s more, candidates view their experience of the recruitment process as directly correlating with their opinion of how that company values its employees and can have a real impact on their perception, not just of your agency’s brand, but of the end client as well.

Alex highlighted some of the key areas where, in his words, “the Candidate Experience is broken” – before handing back to Chris to demonstrate some of the ways that Sapient i7 have used Salesforce to address some of these concerns. Chris demonstrated the use of Interaction Studio to collect data from anonymous visitors to a blog post and to target them with increasingly relevant content on subsequent visits; we also saw how you can use RoboRecruiter’s AI and chatbot technology to automate some of the data gathering tasks that would normally be carried out by a consultant, allowing the candidate to provide information at their convenience. Chris then showed how Sapient i7 have used NativeVideo to build a video interviewing stage into their hiring process, allowing candidates to upload their interview into a Salesforce Community, and for a consultant to review the video within Salesforce and share it with a hiring manager. We then had a brief look at how Marketing Cloud and Communities could help us manage the onboarding process, ensuring that new starters are kept engaged and can provide hiring documents at the right time; while applicants who were unsuccessful could be kept engaged as potential candidates through relevant, considered marketing programmes.

It was then time to hand over to Holly Gordon, who shared some insights into the scale of SThree’s candidate marketing operations, as well as the challenges of coming into a new organisation mid-way through a massive relocation of their entire support services team. SThree are at the beginning of their journey with Salesforce Marketing technology, but there are huge opportunities for SThree to improve both their candidate experience and the effectiveness of their sales teams by making the most of the capabilities offered by the multi-cloud platform.

Finally, Alex took up the microphone again and hosted a brief Q&A session with Holly, Martyn Redstone from RoboRecruiter, Becky Wilson from Recruitment International, Darren Loveday from Interaction Studio, and Samantha Hurley from APSCo. They discussed a wide range of topics around recruitment, marketing and the candidate experience. The discussions were very animated, and it was good to see some of the audience getting very involved in the debate!

Thanks again to our speakers, our very full room of attendees and of course our colleagues at Salesforce for hosting the event and the informal drinks afterwards (this was a great opportunity to keep the conversation flowing).

If you want to know more about this topic but couldn’t make this session, please click here to register for our Webinar on Thursday 18th October at 10.00am with Adam Cannon, where you’ll be able to see some of the demos for yourself!


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James Maltby, Senior Salesforce Consultant

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