From Junior Sales – To “Rising Star” with CPQ

Date published • 10th August 2018

Can you recall the early days of your first sales-rep job; when you first started out as a junior sales executive? The mixed emotions of feeling excited about the opportunity that lay ahead, slightly stressed about all the training, and not to mention the sales targets!


Then after a few weeks, thinking, “there’s got to be a better way of doing this?” Have I really got to fill out all these prospect and opportunity forms?

The reality is – yes.

You have to fill out numerous forms, and not just once but many times, and all manually. Then all the forms are sent to another office to be manually transferred to a database, before someone adds the details of what you’ve sold; just so someone else can then re-type all the sales figures into an invoice. Finally sending one copy in the post and filling another copy in a folder.

Wow, that’s a lot of duplication and room for error don’t you think?

“Where’s the automation”? I hear you scream. The thing is, many of the previous staff have quietly asked the same question; but no one wanted to challenge the management, so everyone simply accepted the process.

Yet, during lunch breaks; the conversation from the same managers was often about downloading movies on NetFlix, using Uber for taxis, and shopping on Amazon using their Alexa.

 There was a complete disconnect from their personal lives to their professional lives.

 Time to elevate the urgency, of changing the process and introducing some automation to the sales function. This is where CPQ comes into the equation.

 CPQ, or Configure, Price, Quote; is the automation process that allows individual sales professionals and sales teams to create quotes for prospects by leveraging data that sits with a CRM application. But it’s not just about “Quoting”, it’s much broader than that. 

In particular, Salesforce CPQ is a software solution that operates on Sales Cloud standard objects; which allows a Salesforce Admin to configure the application. So no coding or customization required. Salesforce have done all the heavy lifting by creating an out-of-the-box CPQ solution.

There are many CPQ automation products in the market place, but when we start to explore Salesforce CPQ, the benefits become very clear.

From a technology perspective, the solution is a “managed package” that leverages standard objects within Salesforce; so what does that mean? It means that a multitude of customer requirements, to cover various scenarios have been “solved” and built in to the application, so individual organizations do not need to invest in customization of the solution. The solution is supported by a product roadmap and a series of three new releases each year, to ensure everyone has access to the latest features.

From a business perspective, the solution touches many stakeholders across sales, finance and operations; who will all want to see transformation, streamlining and efficiency. 

From a product perspective, the solution drives speed, accuracy and transparency. So, it’s not just about generating quotes. When you get deeper in to the product; features like Guided Selling allow businesses to hire, train and scale quickly. Quote faster with Favourites and change discounting habits to drive profitability. Trigger approvals, as well as let other teams know that you need support to drive the deal forward. Allowing businesses to maximize the revenue of every deal!

If you’re a sales manager, sales leader, or finance director looking to transform your sales process – look no further. To hear more about Salesforce CPQ, join me, Gin Matharu, CPQ specialist at Sapient.i7 for a 30 minute overview and demo of the product on August 22nd at 10.00am BST.

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Words by:

Gin Matharu, CPQ Practice Lead

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